Tailored for your organization’s facility and needs. 

Facilities Maintenance Programs with All Home Services are designed so building maintenance and improvements can be one more thing off your plate and put into the hands of the experts. We work with businesses to develop custom maintenance plans for various types of facilities. FMPs come with invaluable documents, web access and opportunities to help make your business go green and save on energy costs.

Key components of how we develop an FMP.

All Home Services has a unique strategy to approaching facilities maintenance. 4 key components are the heart of our programs and help to lay a solid foundation for a comprehensive and affordable maintenance program.

Facility Assessment

A Facility Assessment is a thorough inspection and survey to identify larger maintenance projects and energy efficient improvements. The assessment will also help identify safety compliance and various code compliance such as ADA and fire protections. 

Improvement Plan

An improvement plan is constructed, allowing for the planning and budgeting of large improvement and remodeling projects that are needed. The plan will prevent pushing off those needed projects as well as plan for morale-boosting remodels, energy efficiency improvements, and any other desired projects. 

Maintenance Plan

A Maintenance Plan consists of everything needed to ensure your Facilities Maintenance is properly executed. Tailored checklists and a detailed schedule are a couple features that play a key role. Not only do we take care of the organization of the maintenance, but all the documentation as well. 

Facility Profile

A Facility Profile is an invaluable document that details all the important information about your facility. Building information, vendor documents and maintenance history is all at your fingertips within an interactive document that is web based, so you can access it anywhere at anytime. Type your paragraph here.

Facilities Maintenance Plans

We offer comprehensive facilities maintenance programs that allow you to focus on your business and not your building. The crew at All Home Services can assess your facility to identify maintenance needs, develop a maintenance plan and take care of executing the plan.

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